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Mitzvah Technique is a gentle rehabilitative and self-care discipline. It is a dynamic, hands-on method designed to teach participants how to improve their own posture. Many people have chronic pain that are masked with medications. Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique teaches people how to independently maintain healthy postural habits by retraining postural patterns during sitting, standing and walking.

The Mitzvah Technique helps to correct the source of postural problems, tension/stress and strain and aches and pains.

It helps multiple problems because it uses the body as a complete unit through its total body actions

The Mitzvah Technique hands on table work, exercises and application to daily activities are interconnected. They are all designed to work through movement blocks and tension build ups to support the activation of the Mitzvah Mechanism – our body’s innate ability to spring upward to realign itself.

The Mitzvah Technique is learned through individual sessions, workshops, classes, presentations and Qualified Teacher Training.

Is all the screen time resulting in a stiff neck and back? Headaches? Tension buildups?

Experience Relaxed Slouch Free Posture at the Computer with online and in studio individual sessions.
•  Learn healthy, comfortable and practical alternatives to slouching, stiff body positioning and confinement while sitting at the computer

Mitzvah Technique individual sessions involve the practise of select individualized chair, barre, stool and wall exercises. Each person is assessed according to their particular needs, mobility, source of pain and how they sit, stand and walk.

Mitzvah Technique group sessions involve the practise of select Mitzvah Exercises. Retrain patterns of body usage during sitting, standing and walking. Application to computer, work and leisure activities.

Please have a look through my website to learn more about how the Mitzvah Technique can benefit your postural alignment and body usage. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up an appointment.

– Susan Green

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