Susan Green

Susan Green B.Sc. in Honours Dance and Kinesiology

Practicing Certified Teacher of the Mitzvah Technique since 1990

Individual and Group Sessions in studio or online

Authorized to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers by founder, M. Cohen-Nehemia 

Susan Green became a Certified Teacher of the Mitzvah Technique in 1990, from M. Cohen-Nehemia’s, founder/director of the Mitzvah Technique Centre, first graduating class. She uniquely obtained an additional certification in the Mitzvah Exercise. While a professional modern dancer, and with a B.Sc. in Honours Dance, Susan developed postural problems which were corrected through her Mitzvah Technique studies – maintenance of healthy postural habits. Susan’s posture and dance technique, performance and choreography were transformed through the brilliant work of M. Cohen – Nehemia.

Susan’s dedication to learning these unique hands on techniques and exercises extended to ongoing post graduate weekly attendance. She highly refined her quality of hands on work, through 25 years of continuous studies with M. Cohen-Nehemia.  She attained a deep understanding of the Mitzvah Technique through active participation in its evolution. Susan is committed to maintaining a high standard of gentle hands on work by only practising the Mitzvah Technique. She does not use force, pressure.


Susan Green has a B.Sc. in Honours Dance and Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. She danced professionally as a modern dancer performing with Gina Lori Dance Enterprises and the Judy Jarvis Dance and Theatre Company and as an independent dancer and choreographer. She began her Mitzvah Technique studies with Amelia Itcush
screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-4-34-29-pm-1 and continued her extensive training with the founder M. Cohen-Nehemia. Susan choreographed the critically acclaimed “Untitled Marking” using the Mitzvah Technique as a movement stimulus. She taught dance extensively through the school system and received many Ontario Arts Council Teaching Grants.

As a practising Certified Teacher of the Mitzvah Technique, Susan continues to apply the Mitzvah Technique to her daily activities. Her background in kinesiology provides a base of scientific knowledge and insights. Susan’s experience as a professional modern dancer and dance teacher helps her effectively demonstrate and communicate the Mitzvah Technique. Susan addresses individual needs and focuses on positive learning, skillfully assisting people to apply the Mitzvah Technique to their various lifestyles, occupations and physical activities.

Individual Sessions
Susan helps all ages with a wide variety of neuromuscular skeletal problems. Individualized Mitzvah Technique sessions involving table, chair and stool work using highly trained gentle hands-on guidance at Susan’s Toronto Mitzvah Technique Studio. Online individual sessions are  available.

Group Sessions
Classes, workshops, and teacher training are given in her studio, Libraries, health care and fitness facilities. Online group sessions are available.

Susan Green’s presentations/demonstrations are geared to specific audience needs. Participants are taught how to maintain healthy posture and physically release of tension/stress and strain during daily, physical and work and computer activities at the computer.
Partial Client List: Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Princess Margaret Hospital Palliative Care Unit, Artist’s Health Centre Foundation, Dancer Transition Centre,Toronto Public Libraries …

Teacher Training
Susan has the authorization from M. Cohen-Nehemia, founder to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers. She qualifies Mitzvah Technique Teachers in a three level teacher diploma course. Students develop and refine sensitivity of the hands on connection/direction for the Mitzvah Technique exercises, table work and advanced stool work. The quality of hands on connection/direction is a major focus of the teacher training program. The more refined the quality of hands on work is, the stronger the connection, the gentler the approach and the more ability to bring postural improvements.

Classes Taught
Mtzvah Technique Classes at Hart House Fitness Centre, University of Toronto.

Susan Green Co-supervised with Dr Vicky Galea, a 4th year independent study course. “The power of movement to heal. Explorations of dance and the Mitzvah Technique 2017 and 2018 McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

Dance Conferences
Susan presented “The Mitzvah Technique and Dance” at the Dance, Science and Somatics Educator’s Conference. Buffalo New York University of Buffalo August 2018

Susan gave 2 presentations at the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science – IADMS Conference in Montreal, Quebec, October 2019

1, An interactive movement session with Sarah Kenny assisting: “Port de bras solutions for fixated upper back and shoulders through the Mitzvah Technique”
Key points: Our body’s innate, upward rippling wave-like motion lengthens the spine, expands the upper chest, widens the upper back and frees the neck and head. The shoulders are given the support to drop down and mobilize freeing arm, shoulder, upper body, neck and head movements.

2, Poster presentation:  “Integrating the Mitzvah Technique into dance technique class to help reduce fatigue and dance injuries”
Key points:When we are tired, we tend to drop down and “slouch” resulting in poor alignment of the spine. Integrating fatigue and slouching posture prevention before, during and after dance technique and during daily activities has many benefits. Prevention includes; pausing, pacing and productive rest and relaxed slouch-free approaches.

Healthy Dancer Canada Annual Conference 2022Participation, Performance, Personal Wellness Participation, November  20, 2022, On line presentation and workshop: The Mitzvah Technique: Chair and Floor Exercise Introduction” 

Susan lead a movement session  “Integrating The Mitzvah Technique into Dance Technique Class to Help Reduce Fatigue and Dance Injuries at the Dance, Science and Somatics Educator’s Conference Detroit Michigan,Wayne State University, June 2024


“Obabika Inlet Fire 2018 From Another Perspective” Temagami Times, Fall 2018

“Mitzvah Technique – A good deed for your body” Feminie Magazine for Women Article, November 1990

Susan is a member of the Society of Mitzvah Technique Teachers of Canada.