What is the Mitzvah Technique?
The Mitzvah Technique is a dynamic method designed to improve posture through movement and release tension and stress.
This discipline developed by M. Cohen-Nehemia, is composed of gentle exercises and therapeutic table work.
It is readily applied during work, home, physical and leisure activities.
All ages and fitness levels benefit from the Mitzvah Technique.

What is the Mitzvah Mechanism?
The Mitzvah Mechanism is our inherent upward rippling motion that gently reinforces our body’s balance with gravity.
It uniquely involves the innate coordinated synchronization of the pelvis, spine and head,
to realign rebalance and exercise the entire body during sitting, standing and walking.
As a result, this mechanism can be readily tapped into during daily activities.

What causes posture problems?
Lifestyle has a tremendous influence on postural habits.
Causes of slouching and body misuse include:
• Using soft furniture including couches
• Prolonged sitting at computers
• Confined body positions
• Repetitive activities
• Traumas

What causes tension and stress?
Causes of tension and stress include:
• Confined body positioning
• Repetitive activities
• Chronic slouching, even just a little bit
• Emotional Traumas
• Physical Traumas
• Sitting improperly at computers
• Sitting in soft furniture including couches

Who benefits from  the Mitzvah Technique?
All ages and fitness levels including:
• Children and Youth
• Fitness and health centres
• Addiction and mental health centres
• Educational programs
• Senior residences

What is slouching?
We all slouch. Slouching is so ingrained in our culture that we are unaware that we are chronically slouching.
It compresses and twists the body.
Even just a little slouching has a destructive impact on postural alignment, joints and body mechanics.
Slouching occurs when the chest is dropped down and the head is up during:
• Sitting, standing or walking
• Texting, talking on the phone and working at the computer
• Physical activities

How Does it Work?
As the spine elongates via the Mitzvah Mechanism,
the twist and compression from slouching are gently drawn out to give space for the body
to realign and rebalance itself.
Efficient and symmetrical use of body mechanics support the improvements. 

What are reasons to practise the Mitzvah Technique?
People of all ages and fitness levels learn and practise the Mitzvah Technique for a variety of reasons:
• Jaw, neck, shoulder, back and joint pain and problems
• Tension and stress
• Posture and slouching difficulties
• Spinal problems including scoliosis and kyphosis
• Balance, accident injuries and trauma
• Remedial and preventative care
• Enhances the performance of singers, musicians, actors, dancers and athletes

How to learn the Mitzvah Technique?
Susan Green teaches the Mitzvah Technique through:
• Individual sessions
• Classes
• Group workshops and presentation/demonstrations
• Teacher training

What does the teacher training involve?
• 3 level  Mitzvah Technique Teacher qualification training course
• Study the Mitzvah Technique discipline – application to daily activities
• Refine the Mitzvah Technique exercise practise skills to a higher level
• Identify and help a wide variety of postural and muscular skeletal problems
• Learn to teach the Mitzvah Technique postural re-education, exercises,
hands on stool, chair and table work and application to lifestyles.
• Develop the knowledge and skills to become well rounded, literate and effective communicators and practitioners of the Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique.

What is the content of sessions, classes and workshops?
Students are taught healthy body usage and postural habits using:
• Gentle chair, stool, barre, floor and wall exercises and
therapeutic tablework(individual sessions only)
• Positive changes from sessions are reinforced through practice and application to daily activities.
• All sessions are adapted to meet individual needs.

Does Insurance Cover the fees?
Motor Vehicle Insurance companies, may cover the cost of individual sessions when prescribed by a physician.
Some work group plans also reimburse the cost of individual sessions.

How does the Mitzvah Technique assist in the workplace?
Workplace workshops teach application of the Mitzvah Technique directly:
• To work activities
• Healthy use of office furniture, including while sitting at the computer

How does the Mitzvah Technique assist workplace productivity?
Helps work productivity and prevent employee absenteeism by providing:
• Healthy postural alternatives to slouching and confined body positioning
• Practical ways to physically release tension/stress and strain
while moving about the workplace
• Prevention of problems through postural reeducation during work activities is emphasized.

What is Susan Green’s Mission Statement?
To assist people in maintaining healthy posture and creating release of tension and stress.
It has universal appeal because its fundamental body movement is readily incorporated into a wide variety of activities.

Where to learn the Mitzvah Technique?
Susan Green B.Sc (Hon) CTMT
Allen Road and Eglinton West
At Eglinton West Subway Station
Toronto, Ontario

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