Doctors’ Quote


We have many years of experience with the work of M. Cohen-Nehemia. We have studied his technique, referred patients and applied some of his technique in our practices.

We, and our patients have experienced health improvements which we attribute to the power of The Mitzvah Mechanism in dealing with structural conditions which interfere with the body’s ability to take care of itself.

In our opinion, the Mitzvah Mechanism promotes better health. We recommend it for remedial and preventive care.

This therapeutic method is not an exercise system. It is a unique method that teaches new patterns of movement through minimal effort, thereby improving posture, breathing and range of movement regardless of age or physical ability.

Mastery of the Mitzvah Mechanism is vital for all. It should be part of the curriculum in Medical Schools, Chiropractic Colleges and Schools for Preventive Health Care Professions.

M. Borins, M.D.
W.A. Fabian, M.D.
M. Gabel, M.D. M.P.H.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cohen-Nehemia, M. “The Mitzvah Exercise and It’s Principle. Improving Human Performance.” p.1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1983