Presentations, Workshops & Classes


Introductory Presentations, Workshops and Ongoing Classes
•  Dynamic presentation/demonstration with slides and videos

•  Back, neck and joint pain relief and prevention through tension release and healthy posture habits

•  Practical exercises and application are tailored to specific needs, interests and a wide variety of activities

•  Volunteer participation

•  Highly trained gentle hands on guidance

•  Benefits all ages and fitness levels

•  Encourages positive social interaction


Gentle and practical alternatives to stiff body positioning and slouching are introduced through presentation/demonstrations and volunteer participation. Slides and videos are available to assist explanation. Healthy posture is introduced through the gentle and practical Mitzvah Chair Exercise which retrains body use during sitting, standing and walking.  A selection of stool, barre, floor and wall exercises are taught during workshops and classes. Participants experience how to maintain healthy posture during a wide variety of activities including, computer, arts, sports and during work and daily activities.


Choose from three formats…

1. Introductory Demonstration/Presentation  – 40 minutes to 1.5 hours

2. Workshops – 1.5 hours to full weekend of instruction
More time, exercise instruction and practice experience provides the opportunity to further develop healthy posture habits.

3. Ongoing Classes – 1 hour classes provides instruction and practise experience of a variety of Mitzvah Exercises for ongoing development and maintenance of healthy postural habits.


Partial Client List: Toronto Public Libraries, Hart House Fitness Centre, Princess Margaret Hospital Palliative Care Unit, Artist’s Health Centre Foundation, Dancer Transition Centre, Hastings and Prince Edward Occasional Teacher Local, Centre for Social Innovation …