Individual Sessions

Individual Mitzvah Technique sessions are scheduled by appointment with Susan Green.

Individual sessions address pain and postural issues through hands on interconnected table; chair and stool work, practical exercises and their application to daily activities. They are designed to work through tension build ups and holding patterns to support the activation of the Mitzvah Mechanism. People develop efficient use of body mechanics including engaging the underused hip joints and equal weight distribution during sitting down, standing up and walking.

During the first session, practical ways are introduced to improve sitting down, sitting, standing up and walking. The Mitzvah Technique exercises form the basis for practical application to daily routines including:

  • healthy posture while working at the computer
  • variety of daily, work, fitness, physical and artistic activities

All ages and fitness levels benefit

Individual One to One Sessions Responsive to individual needs :
•  Highly trained gentle hands-on Mitzvah Technique table work
•  Hands on guided chair, stool, barre, wall and floor exercises
•  Application to computer, work, physical and daily activities
•  Gentle exercises can be modified for mobility issues, pain or stiffness.

One to One in Group Setting
Individual sessions are available within a group setting, providing the opportunity to practice and observe before and after one-on-one hands-on work. More time, content practice and instruction in this learning environment provides an opportunity to further develop and maintain healthy posture. Wonderful for a conference or employee workshop and for Mitzvah Technique Teacher Training.