On Line Sessions

Is all the screen time resulting in a stiff neck and back? Headaches? Tension buildups?

“Applying the Mitzvah technique to my everyday life has relieved me of persistent tailbone pain that I had had for about 15 years. Mitzvah is the ONLY thing over 15 years of trying to relieve this pain that has actually and practically worked. No more popping pills, no more hot water bottles, just simple adjustments to how I move and use my body. I learned Mitzvah from Susan through her online courses. Susan is a fantastic teacher who provides excellent descriptions and examples of how to properly incorporate the Mitzvah technique. Although I have not been able to experience her classes in person, my experience of learning from her online has been great and I cannot recommend her and the Mitzvah technique enough!”
Gloria Laus  March 2022

On Line Mitzvah Technique Individual and Group Sessions
Each person is assessed according to their mobility or source of pain and how they sit, stand and walk. The Mitzvah Chair Exercise is taught and practised according to individual needs.

The processes of sitting down, sitting, standing up and walking are retrained. Mitzvah Chair Exercise can be practiced immediately and readily applied to daily routines. Other select Mitzvah Exercises are taught such as the floor exercise.

The Mitzvah Technique is based on the body’s innate ability to spring upward to realign and balance itself. This gentle action elongates the spine, expands the chest, widens the upper back and frees the neck and head. Deeper breathing is stimulated as it releases tension and stress.

Experience Healthy Posture at the Computer
•  Learn comfortable and practical alternatives to slouching and stiff body positioning while working at the computer

• Tap into your bodies instinctive need for movement

• Practical ways to release tension and relieve strain while moving about during work and break times.

• Efficient use of body mechanics