Teacher Training

Teacher Training gives you the opportunity to develop amazing posture as you learn to teach others.

Students are taught to correct the source of postural problems, tension, strain and aches and pains through Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique’s comprehensive and complete postural reeducation program.

The gently powerful tablework opens and prepares the body for Mitzvah exercise practice and application to daily activities. We go for applying the exercises to daily activities. If you want to change/correct a movement pattern it needs to be integrated into daily activities.

Pain causing and immobilizing movement patterns are corrected through application of the Mitzvah Exercises to daily activities. This is called the Mitzvah Discipline.

Susan Green’s teacher trainees are uniquely provided with the knowledge and skills to become well rounded, literate and effective communicators and practitioners of the Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique.

Susan is authorized by Mitzvah Technique founder/developer, M. Cohen-Nehemia to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers.

Susan Qualifies Mitzvah Technique Teachers in a three level teacher diploma course. The three level program outline is as follows:

•  Learn, practice and perform Mitzvah Technique chair, stool, bar, wall, floor and movement exercises.

•  Learn the wording of the Mitzvah Exercises.

•  Teach Mitzvah Technique Exercises using verbal directions, demonstration and hands on work.

•  Apply the Mitzvah Technique discipline to a wide variety of activities.

•  Observe, identify, verbally describe and physically imitate the Mitzvah Mechanism, slouching, body misuse and various postural patterns.

•  Reinforce healthy postural patterns and teacher training from regular practice together

•  Identify and assist individuals with problems and pain issues.

•  Develop and refine sensitivity of the hands on connection/direction for the Mitzvah Technique exercises, table work and advanced stool work.

The quality of hands on connection/direction is a major focus of the teacher training program. The more gentle and refined the quality of hands on work, the stronger the connection is to bring improvements. Our bodies readily accept this approach to deeply undo tension and blocks in movement.

•  Teacher trainees are given opportunities to practice teach Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique and create presentations.

•  Study anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to the Mitzvah Technique throughout the course.

“Learning the Mitzvah Technique is the best thing that I have ever done for my well being.
It has provided me with a means to enhance my posture and strengthen my skeletal/muscular
system. Applying the Mitzvah to my nursing and massage occupations enables me to work
longer without experiencing back strain and fatigue.”
Gerda Beckmann
R.N.A.  R.M.T.

“Teacher Training is so much more than I could have ever imagined it to be”
-Sharon, student enrolled in Susan’s Mitzvah Technique teacher training program

Accepting new students
Contact Susan Green for Teacher Training Information and application
Susan Green 416.781.5126 susangreen@sympatico.ca

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