Achieve immediate benefits with Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique

Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique helps to solve workplace issues due to postural, spinal and slouching problems, stiff body and confined positioning, tension build-up, strain, repetitive activities, heavy lifting, computer and workplace and body usage problems and group morale.

Increase Productivity
1.  Experience how to physically de-stress while moving about the workplace
2.  Sensitize your bodies instinctive need for constant movement while seated and to change positions from sitting, to standing and walking
3.  Learn comfortable postural alternatives to slouching and stiff body positioning and during sitting and while working at the computer
4.  Release tension/stress and relieve stain before, during and after confined, repetitive and heavy lifting activities
5.  Strategies for symmetrical body usage to help prevent/correct debilitating twisting
6.  Assist preventatively and remedially for existing issues
7.  Balance work and self care strategies to develop stamina
8.  Encourage positive social interaction and improve group morale
9.  Balance work and home life
10.Enhance overall well being of individuals in the workplace

Presentations, Workshops, Classes and Events
Participatory Presentations – 30 minutes to 1 hour and a half
•  Mitzvah Technique is introduced through a presentation
•  Effects of slouching and fixated body positioning, the Mitzvah Mechanism and healthy postural body usage are defined and demonstrated
•  Visual aids assist explanation
•  Volunteer participation in the gentle and practical Mitzvah Technique Chair Exercise
•  Highly trained hands on (optional) techniques augment the improvements
•  Application of The Mitzvah Technique to a variety of work activities and specific areas of interest
•  All ages and fitness levels benefit

“Physical Solutions For Posture, Tension, Stress and Strain”
This dynamic and fast paced presentation explores healthy and practical alternatives to slouching at the computer. Pinpoint keys to developing and maintaining accessible confident and youthful posture. Participate and discover new ways to release tension and de-stress as you move about the workplace

“Ultimate Achievable Posture for the Super Busy”
An informative presentation on getting the best of both worlds with achievable confident posture and tension, de-stress & strain release. Participate in dynamic yet gentle chair exercises that can be enjoyed anywhere.

“Physically Unleash & Inspire Cooperative Creative Freedom”
Candid presentation and workshop highlighting physical approaches to comfortable posture, tension/stress release and developing project creativity. Rev up your imagination to explore solutions from different angles through team building structured creative movement.

Choose from four formats…

Workplace Workshops – 1.5 hours to full weekend
More time and content provides the opportunity to further develop maintenance of healthy posture and application to work activities.

Classes – 1 hour
Ongoing classes reinforce the benefits of the Mitzvah Technique

Conferences and Corporate Events
The Mitzvah Technique is uniquely interactive, is fun to do and encourages positive group interaction. Events custom tailored to suit a variety of needs and schedules.

Individual Sessions
One to one sessions are available.

Susan Green’s presentations and workshops are delivered with unique, practical, and enjoyable activities that will motivate you to achieve better results than you might have thought possible. Topics are geared to audience needs to boost physical health, fitness, confidence, sense of well being, energy, coordination and creativity. Immediate steps are offered to dramatically improve productivity and reduce sick days. Participants are taught how to maintain healthy posture at the computer, create a physical release of tension/stress and strain and expand creativity during work activities.

Partial Client List: Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Princess Margaret Hospital Palliative Care Unit, Artist’s Health Centre Foundation, Toronto Public Libraries, Legislative Assembly, CSI Toronto, Exchange Conference Centre and Educators Financial Group …