Mitzvah Technique


The Mitzvah Technique is learned through individual sessions, workshops, classes, presentations and Qualified Teacher Training.

The Mitzvah Technique is a gentle and dynamic approach  that teaches participants how to develop healthy postural habits.  All ages and fitness levels benefit.

The Mitzvah Technique is:
•  A complete package of interrelated hands on table, stool and chair work, practical exercises and application to activities.
• Healthy postural habits are developed through the release tension and holding patterns and by using our body’s inherent upward rippling wave like motion, the Mitzvah Mechanism. As the spine elongates, the twist is drawn out which realigns and rebalances the body. Efficient and symmetrical use of body mechanics support the improvements. This total body action uses the body as a complete unit, to correct multiple problems and even long term aches and pains.
•  Initially learned through practical exercises involving primarily sitting down, sitting, standing up & walking
•  the Mitzvah Exercises are applied to daily life and activities.

A More Detailed Look at The Mitzvah Technique
The Mitzvah Technique helps correct habitual postural and body misuse including: slouching which is when the body drops down resulting in neck poking, upper back rounding (hunching),  compression of the spine and pelvis tucking. The Mitzvah Technique reeducates postural body usage  to correct neuromusculoskeletal problems. The Mitzvah Exercises undo tension build ups to support and encourage spine lengthening and symmetrical use of body mechanics. You retrain how you sit down in a chair and how you use your body while you are seated in the chair. We fine-tune the way you use your body as you sit up, stand up and walk to maximize your body’s ability to spring upwards using gravity to your benefit.

Individual sessions provide individualized way for students to learn the Mitzvah Technique. Hands on table, chair and stool work, exercises and their application to daily activities are interconnected. They are all designed to work through movement blocks and tension build ups to support the activation of the Mitzvah Mechanism. People develop efficient use of body mechanics including engaging the underused hip joints and symmetrical body usage during sitting, standing and walking.

The Mitzvah Technique teaches practical applications for daily routines and self care including healthy posture while working at the computer and application to a variety of daily, work, fitness, physical and artistic activities including specific areas of interest.

Tools are given to prevent further problems.