Relaxed Slouch Free Posture at the Computer
•  Learn healthy, comfortable and practical alternatives to slouching, stiff body positioning and confinement while sitting at the computer

•  Efficient use of body mechanics and practical methods to release tension and de-stress while sitting at the computer

•  Tap into your bodies instinctive need for constant movement while seated and to change positions from sitting, to standing and walking

•  Practical ways to release tension, de-stress and relieve strain to maintain healthy posture while moving about the workplace, during related work activities and break times.

“I had unrelenting pain in my neck, shoulder and arm for several years. I was told by my doctor to set up a date for surgery and prepare for a lengthy recovery. It would have meant time off of work, resulting in stress for my employer and family.

Instead, Susan Green helped me to solve the problem using “Physical Solutions for Posture, Tension/Stress & Strain’s” Mitzvah Technique Chair Exercise. She altered how I sat at my desk/computer/phone to take pressure off of my neck and shoulders and arm. Susan taught me new ways to release tension and relieve strain from sitting at the desk/computer/phone.

Amazingly the pain completely went away within two weeks of adopting the Mitzvah Technique Chair Exercise to my work activities. Much to my relief, I now am pain free and do not require surgery.”
– Jill Tate
Conference Centre Coordinator

Susan Green’s presentations and workshops
Prolonged and confined computer and work activities can cause aches and pains, resulting in costly time off work.  The gentle Mitzvah Technique helps provide immediate pain relief while teaching you tools to correct the source of the problem. You are taught to self align during sitting, standing and walking through the gentle Mitzvah Technique exercises and its therapeutic table work. You can’t expect to correct problems by exercising or getting a treatment and then going back to the same old patterns that created the pain in the first place. So, most importantly, you learn to utilize your new relaxed and slouch free posture during daily, work and computer activities.

Partial Client List: Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, Princess Margaret Hospital Palliative Care Unit, Artist’s Health Centre Foundation, Toronto Public Libraries, Legislative Assembly, CSI Toronto, Exchange Conference Centre and Educators Financial Group …

“The advent of the computer age, where people sit for endless hours slouching and poking of the head, poking their head from its alignment with the spine, tensing the neck and body and accumulating stress while working on the computer is hazardous to the performance of the body and to its health. The Mitzvah Technique shows a simple and natural way to prevent problems arising from this poor body use. This is part of the Mitzvah Technique discipline, which brings about an increased awareness to the tension and stress in the body and teaches how to counter and release it immediately.” – M. Cohen-Nehemia 2001, founder of the Mitzvah Technique