“I am a senior with moderately severe osteoporosis and mild arthritis and have been learning the Mitzvah Technique from Susan for 2 years. I have found the gentle exercises to be most beneficial. They have improved my hip, knee and spinal mobility and contributed to a general feeling of well being. The biggest improvement has been my posture, I am standing straight and tall and am maintaining my height at an age when most people are shrinking.”
-Sylvia F

Nehemia’s Mitzvah Technique helps seniors to:

•  Prevent and restore seniors’ tendency to round/hunch the upper back
•  Decrease pain and dependence on medications
•  Improve use of body mechanics to help prevent falls
•  Improve balance, agility and mobility during sitting, standing and walking
•  Improve postural alignment during sitting, standing and walking
•  Radiate a youthful, poised and confident posture through elongation
•  Increase overall coordination
•  Move with more freedom of movement during a variety of activities

It is widely known that while we aging into the slouching pattern, the head and neck tend to poke forward, chest squeezes inward, upper back rounds, spine compresses and the pelvis tucks forward. The body looses elasticity. Over time, balance, moving, sitting, standing and walking can become very difficult.

It has been proven that mobility increases quality of life and independence. The Mitzvah Exercises and table work are versatile and adaptable to help a wide variety of neuromuscular/skeletal issues.

“Physical Solutions For Posture, Tension/Stress & Strain and Mobility”
This dynamic and well paced presentation/demonstration for seniors explores healthy and practical alternatives to slouching. Pinpoint keys to developing and maintaining healthy posture. Participate and discover new ways to gently release tension/stress, relieve strain and improve mobility as you move about your daily, computer and physical activities.

“It was great having you yesterday during the information session. We had great comments and enthusiastic members that would like to take a few more classes.” – York West Active Living Centre, Toronto. Ontario